3d Laser Scanner C1 System

3d Laser Scanner C1 System are based on LASE 11x series or the SICK LMS5xx series laser scanners.  With its large measuring range, huge scan angle and high angular resolution this 3D laser scanning system is suitable for a huge variety of industries and applications such as:


  • Measurement of dimensions, profiles or levels of objects and environments

  • Object positioning

  • Container recognition/measurement in ports

  • Support of crane open-loop controls by goods detection

  • Object protection

  • Bulk material measurement at heaps, piles, bunkers or trucks

  • Features and Benefits:

  • Contactless long range 3D profile measurement

  • High accuracy, high resolution and fast measuring rate • Unique stable object detection

  • Range of up to 40 m on dark natural surfaces

  • Range of up to 80 m on natural surfaces

  • Scan area up to 190° x 200° (scan/swivel)

  • Interfaces: Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-232/RS-422, USB, CAN • Self-test incorporated

  • User friendly software

  • Simple installation

  • Rugged constructon type to IP 64, 65 and 67

  • Outdoor applicable due to integrated heating

Laser Measurement Technology: