3d Laser Scanner System S

This 3D Laser Scanning System is for the high performance laser scanners from the product range of the LASE 3000D-S-13x Series are based on a 2D laser scanner and a swiveling platform.

The swiveling platform is turned by a servo-drive. A high resolution encoder on the servo-drive measures the angle of rotation of the platform. By the linkage of the 2D laser data with the encoder data high precise 3D measurement profiles are produced.

For a direct activation, the modular LASE CEWS application software is available. With this, lots of applications for a huge variety of industries can be solved by employing the LASE 3000D-S-13x Series:


General characteristics:


  • Contactless long range 3D profile measuring

  • Measuring range of up to 250 m on natural targets

  • Scan area up to 180° x 300°

  • High accuracy, high resolution

  • Fast Measuring rate

  • Outdoor applicable by rugged construction to IP67 • Optional heating system available

  • Easy installation in any position


  • Measurement of length, width, height, level and location of objects or environments

  • Positioning of objects

  • Container recognition/measurement in the port

  • Support of crane open-loop controls by goods detection • Profile measurement

  • Object protection

  • Bulk material in terms of profile, volume

Laser Measurement Technology: