• Products: Quadcopters
Item No: RiS-Quadcopters-1950


  • Carbon Frame
  • Programmable
  • Autonomous flight planner
  • Windows 10 based ground control station
  • 5km range
  • 4 hours battery
  • Products: Quadcopters
Item No: RiS--1722
  • Radious of remote control: 2KM/5KM/10KM

  • Maximum flight height:  1500m in Max

  • Maximum windproof capacity: Level 6

  • Flight time 40 minutes

  • Maximum cruising speed: 80KM/H

  • Automatic Pilot

  • GPS navigation

    • 3G wireless

    • Remote image transmission

  • Positioning accuracy: horizontal < ±1m  vertical <±0.5m

  • Products: Quadcopters
Item No: RiS--1831

Robots in Search  is now distributing the quadcopter CyberQuad MAXI

Quadcopter CyberQuad MAXI is an electric ducted quadrotor Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

CyberQuad is mechanical simple, low noise, stable and agile and compact quadrotor combined with safe and efficient ducted fans.

With only four moving parts that are safely shrouded, the CyberQuad is low maintenance, easily transportable and rapidly deployable.

  • Products: Quadcopters
Item No: RiS-AEE-1848

The UAS quadcopter F100 is based on the bassis of modularity.  Quadcopter can on board equipment can be reconfigured to meet different needs.

  • Products: Quadcopters
Item No: RiS-AEE-1850

Aircraft System AEE AP10:

  • Effective dynamic design allows air to hold up to 25 minutes

  • Can be used even in low wind gusts

  • Altitud