Gimbals CM100 and CM160

The delivery of the gimbals CM100 and CM160 comes with all that is required to operate straight out of the box. This includes control software, a controller, interface boards, cabling, bench stand and power supply.


Before any integration commences, there is an ‘Acceptance Test’ which needs to be completed to ensure full functionality of the gimbals. This test also forms the basis of the 6 month product warranty.


Included in the package are the required manuals for Gimbal Operation and start up connection and some basic troubleshooting.


The gimbals has an embedded video processor which encodes the video h.264 MPEG-2 Transport Stream.  The Video/control over IP is implemented by default.  


The Gimbals also comes integrated with video and mapping software that may be of some interest called Aerial Information System (AIS).


The usual lead time is 6-8 weeks for the build of the product, but we may be able to get it done quicker.