Data transfer checker can check the interlocking on SEMI E84 beforehand ! Data transfer checker provides the following 2 kinds of application software(Hokuyo Data Flex SFOC and RIS).

  1. Hokuyo Data Flex SFOC

When some troubles such as interlocking etc. happened, memorized data(Communication data) can be read out from DMG series and its data can be displayed on PC. Refer to the above(1)about correspondent devices.

  1. Hokuyo Data Flex RIS

Under automatic transportation system on semiconductor and LCD manufacturing facilities, it is possible to make data communication as imaginary UTV(AGV, RGV, OHT etc.) or fixed passive equipments on the interlocking system with parallel I/O between UTV and passive equipments. Refer to the above(2)about correspondent devices.



Data transfer checker consists of the following proucts:

  • BNC-HB1 Head : 1 pce
  • EPK-BNC1 Power box : 1 pce
  • AC adaptor with cable 2m : 1 pce
  • Cable 300mm for BNC-HB1(for PC connector) : 1 pce
  • Application software(SFOC/RIS) : 1pce