Forbot 1.4

Outdoor robot platform for teaching
The FORBOT is a powerful robotic platform for your own developments and applications: You can install, set up your own electronics, computers, sensors and control. Thanks to its 6 permanently driven wheels the FORBOT 1.4 tracels safely through the terrain and obstacles can be overcome or bypassed. The platform was designed for the demanding and performant use in open and urban terrain - even in difficult weather conditions. The FORBOT provides climbing power of 100% (tilt angle> 45 °). These values are achieved by a low center of gravity and long wheelbase, a wide track width, good traction and high torque.

Technical Data

The self-supporting body of FORBOT 1.4 consists of a bottom pan and a hood.
With its wireless router on the roof the FORBOT A4 can communicate with multiple wireless devices and can be remote controlled even in the basic version: A PC or iOS application sends the motion commands over Wi-Fi and via the built-in Ethernet to serial converter to the serial interface of the motor controller. By integrating your own control computer or a notebook in the case of the robot, your own tele-operated or autonomous applications can be implemented.



850 x 650 x 400 mm


120 mm


2 x 650 W brushless servo motor (BLDC) motor with planetary gear (16: 1) and encoder

remote control

wireless router and Ethernet to serial converter

casing: material (wall thickness)

tray: aircraft aluminum (4 mm), powder coated

hood: powder-coated aluminum (4 mm)


105 kg incl. lead acid batteries


100 kg


7 km/h


100 percent

tilt angle

45 °


6-tires, NATO's profile, 5mm tread depth, 240 mm wheel diameter

battery capacity and run time

Pb batteries, 21 Ah at 48 V DC (1 kWh), about 120 minutes in the mixed mode

operating voltages

main voltage 48 V DC for Power DC/DC converter 12 V or 24 V for electronic components and optional sensors

wireless router

Ubiquity Bullet 2.4 GHz including antenna and antenna cable jack


ELMO Duo Whistle 2 x 20 A Motor Controller with CAN bus and 2 x RS232 Interface, Ethernet serial converter


ELMO SimpleIQ differential two-axis control in velocity or position mode, via CAN bus, Ethernet, TCP or UDP

connections and controls

emergency stop, multi-connector (IP 67), main switch (illuminated), external RJ45 interface freely configurable(IP 67)


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