Hexacopter HD-CS-6

Agricultural Crop Spraying Drone HD-CS-6 is a battery-powered unmanned aircraft, easy to learn and operate.

The aircraft weighs 10kg without load and no-load flight time is 25 minutes. With full load of 15L of water or pesticide, it takes off and lands within one minute, and maxim flight time is up to 18 minutes.

Operating spraying efficiency is 5.5-7 m/s.

The drone system consists of diffused spray system, booster pump and pesticide container. With GPS signals positioning and 2.4g control, and 5.8G video transmission system, the vehicle can achieve real-time manipulation and accurate spray. It may hover in any position and direction, fly in any direction, reverse flight, and brake.

With this unmanned aircraft greatly improved spraying efficiency, covering 1333 km²/hour to 2666 km²/hour. 90% less water and 40% less pesticide will be saved compared with manual spraying.