K-Junior V2

Robots in Search is continuing to offer its loyal customers robot bases from European manufacturers.  K-Team is a fresh addtion in the list.  K-Junior is one of the robotic research and development platform built by them.

K-Junior. is a tool, with features similar to larger robots.

On this robotic mobile platform test real world algorithms

  • developed in simulation for trajectory planning,
  • obstacle avoidance,
  • pre-processing of sensory information and
  • hypotheses on behaviour processing, among others.

A large number of extension modules make it adaptable to a wide range of experiments.


K-Junior comes in 2 types of packaging.  You can also order each extension separately.
  1. The standard pack with one robot is the basis.


  1. The educational pack is provided with 2 robots, several extensions and the educational tutorial with teacher and student parts. A software describing the robot layout and allowing to experiment with the robot and its extensions is also included in that pack.


CPU board

The Smart EVO is a compact CPU module with tons of features :


  • ARM Cortex-A8 CPU @ 600 MHz, 512 MB RAM and 512 MB in flash
  • Linux Angström distribution installed (Open embedded tools)
  • A software library with examples
  • Color Camera 752 x 480 pixels 30fps with an adjustable vertical angle
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • 2 x Speaker (1W / each)
  • 2 x microphone which can record stereo sound or can be used for sound positioning.
  • 1 x USB host
  • 1 x USB port (slave)
  • User port with 2 PWM, 2 GPIO, 2 ADC and a serial port
  • I2C
  • Stand alone capability if powered
  • Flat and compact design (105 x 125 mm)

The Smart EVO can be used in two manners :

  • Plugged on the K-Junior V2, it increases the possibilities of the K-Junior robot, allowing you to perform image processing on board. The 2 products combined together open a wide range of possibilities
  • It can also be used as a powerful module on your own robot application or any of your custom project like intelligent security systems, interactive products, and many more.





Below are some of the accessories which can be added.


Extensions and Accessories

Sensor and Articulation Modules


Equipped with 2 servo motors with metal gear, shoulder & gripper, 2 degrees of freedom for manipulation and transportation of objects of 7cm width and 30gr load. An additional battery (1350mAh) allows improving the autonomy of the K-Junior when used with the Gripper (up to 4h). The charger is on board.

Linear Camera

The camera reads one line of 102 pixels in 256 level of gray. The optic block is a standard on (M12x0.5), which can be changed to fit to your specific needs. It is equipped with an onboard processor (PIC16F876). The controller is dedicated to visual data processing.

Ultrasonic Sensor

This sensor provides a much longer detection range than the default K-Junior infrared sensors. The maximum distance for object detection is up to 6 meters with a one centimetre resolution for measurements.

Wireless Color Camera

Use the Wireless Camera module to transmit video images on your TV set (Cinch connector). You can then watch the robot's trip, and see whatever the robot is "looking at". The receiver can also be connected to a frame grabber on the PC to process images and remote control the robot autonomously.

IO Modules


General I/O

The General I/O allows interfacing your own electronics. Perfect tool to implement your own module. A board area allows you to add components (2.54mm/.1" spacing). The documentation explains you how to access your own peripherals from the central processor (12 digital I/O, 5 analog 8-bit inputs and I2C bus).

LCD Display

This LCD screen + keypad provides a user interface to build interactive control program with your robot without PC. You can display messages and manage small menus. It includes a 2 lines by 12 characters LCD display and 3 push buttons that can be linked to user defined functions in your K-Junior programs.

Program Modules  

EXT Program

This module is intended to reflash the memory of K-Junior using an external programmer. It is compatible with any DIL40 serial programmers for PIC16F887 like PicStart©.

ICD Interface

Thanks to this RJ45 adapter, you will be able to connect to your In-Circuit Debugger from CCS and then, to reflash K-Junior memory and debug your CCS C program step by step.

ICD PIC Programmer (ICD-U)

PIC programmer for K-Junior. The In-Circuit-Debug Interface is required

Software C Complier
CCS C is the C compiler for PIC used for the K-Junior V2 Operating System. This is one of the most advanced compiler on the market. It provides many high level functions to control the various PIC interfaces and an intuitive user interface.


























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