Koala 2.5

Koala is a hex wheeled robotic platform meant for carrying larger payload.  The hex wheeled platform give the all terrain experiments.

hex-wheeled robotc platform koala


Koala and its modules have the following very interesting features:
  • Compact (30 x 30 cm)
  • remote controlled using the K-Team serial protocol (complete library, so the user can focus on the algorithm. The library is open and can be modified, allowing a high customization for the customer.)
  • can be programmed using the GNU C environment
  • To facilitate the programming of the robot, k-team supporst several development environments, from standard cross-C developments to more sophisticated tools like LabVIEW® , MATLAB® or SysQuake.

 Note: These softwares is just a suggestion and not at all needed to use the robot. Any other programming environment capable of communicating over a serial port can also be used. The communication protocol implemented on Koala is described in the user manual.

  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Powerful Embedded Computing Power running on Linux Ubuntu
  • Easy to use by the connection to very standard and well known tools or using the existing Library
  • High modularity in order to fit to a large number of needs. Compatible with any USB, Ethernet or Serial devices.
  • Multiple sensor arrays
  • Swappable battery pack, docking ready
  • High quality and high accuracy DC motors and gearbox
  • Various fixation points for extensions

Power Modules

Battery pack:

Koal hex-wheeled robotic platform supports intelligent battery pack which has several very interesting features:

  • Can be easily plugged in and out of the Koala
  • Can be recharged externally or while inside the robot
  • Has an internal memory to monitor the battery's capacity, charge status, life cycles etc.

Battery Specifications


Technical Information


10 elements of 1.2 V each (12V total)


4000 mAh

Battery type



Koala power connector
Recharger connector (koala universal interface link connector)


We also offer an external charger for the intelligent battery pack (not exactly as shown)


GNU C/C++ Environment

GNU C/C++ Cross Compiler

The GNU C/C++ cross-compiler lets you generate code that can be executed directly on-board the Koala, freeing you from the constraints of the ASCII protocol and serial cables.
The compiler package provides a library of all the low-level functions available in the K-Team BIOS including motor control, sensor reading, communication, and multi-tasking management.
The compiler provides a full C/C++ programming environment, and lets you create programs as simple or as powerful as you wish.
K-Team Serial Protocol for Remote Operation
All K-Team robots can be remotely operated using a standard ASCII Serial Protocol. Using a RS232 cable or a wireless connection, the robots can receive orders formatted as ASCII strings and send back some results if required. The robot can be completely operated using this protocol as commands are available to control the motors, read the sensors, communicate with extensions and setup all the robot parameters.
With this mechanism, the robots can be controlled, from a remote computer, using any software able to communicate with a serial port. K-Team provides several libraries and example code to communicate with the robots from a Visual C++ program, from Matlab, from Labview, or from a Linux C program...
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