LASE 2000D-13X

LASE 2000D-139 is the outdoor long range Laser Scanning Range finder for industrial and other autonomous robotics applications.  Like other LIDARs this Laser Scanner gives the contour of a distant object from the mounted position with the help of the distance and the angle values.

A 2D profile of the surrounding is created with the help of  pulsed IR laser scanning beams emitted by a rotating lens.



LASE 2000D-139 operating principle:

The LASE 2000D sends extremely short light pulses, measures the running time of these pulses to the object and back, calculates the distance as well as determines the angle of the pulses sent back to produce at a max. rate of 15 times per second and creates a profile picture of the complete environment, including all objects.

LASE 2000D-139 main features

  • range of 120 m radius on dark targets
  • 250 m on bright targets
  • angle up to 360°

Due to an optional swiveling platform (3D-Unit) even a 3D-Profile can be represented.


LASE 2000D-139 Applications

  • Positioning of objects for crane control optimization
  • Container recognition/measurement in ports
  • Profile and volume measurement
  • Object protection

Measurement of bulk material on conveyor belts or transport vehicles


SICK LD-LRS vs LASE -2000D 1xx

This post will present some comparison for the SICK LD-LRS and LASE -2000D 1xx

Feature SICK LD-LRS 2110 LASE -2000D 139
Range at 10% remission 2.5 m to 150 m 5 m to 120 m
on natural targets 250 m 250 m
Scanning Angle 300° 300°
Angular Resolution 0.125°; can be selected between 0.125° to 1.5° 0,125° …1,5° choosable
Scanning frequency 5 to 10 Hz ± 5 % in steps of 1 Hz 5 … 10 Hz ± 5%
Systematic error ± 38 ± 38
Beam divergence 2.8 mrad (0.160°) 2,8 mrad
Data interfaces Ethernet, CAN, RS 232 RS-422 switchable
Switching outputs 4 x (OUT1 to OUT4) 4 x „Highside“ semi conductor
Laser safety class Class 1 (acc. to EN/IEC 60825-1), eye safe Class 1 (EN/IEC 60825-1), eye-safe
Switching voltage Electronic: 24 V DC ± 15 %; heating: 24 V DC (max. 6 V residual ripple) / max. 6 A cyclic 4 x „Highside“ semi conductor
max. output current as a result of load per 0,5 A at 24 VDC
Enclosure rating IP 67 acc. to EN 60529 IP 67
Weight Approx. 9.1 kg Approx. 9.1 kg
Operating temperature –25 °C to +50 °C -25°C … +45°C