LASE 2000D-22x Series


  • Contactless distance measuring
  • Range: up to 75 m on black at 10% reflectivity up to 240 m on white targets
  • Selectable measurement modes: > Scan rate: 32/40 Hz in „Fast“-Mode > Spot raster: 0,023˚ in „Fine“-Mode
  • Accuracy: +/- 2/6 mm (1 Sigma) at  16 scans
  • High accuracy, high resolution and high measuring rate
  • Innovative beam forming optics minimize measurement spot
  • Internal compensation assure measurement results independent from target color, reflectivity and temperature
  • Red laser marker to identify measurement spot
  • Interfaces: Serial: RS-232 115 kBaud Ethernet: UDP 100 Mbit/s Data buffer: 128 Scans
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) for simple installation
  • Measuring beam: Laser class 1
  • Optional heater
LASE LASE 2000D-22x Series

The laser scanners out of the LASE 2000D-22x Series are a two-dimensional contactless distance measuring system designed for industrial environments. 2D profiles of the surrounding are scanned by the multiple pulsed IR laser beam which is transmitted via a rotating mirror head. The 2D contour data of the scanned surroundings, which is figured in constant raw data, combines distance and angle values as delivered output by the scanner interface. The sensors transmit extremely short multiple light pulses, measures the running time of these pulses to the object and back and computes the distance. The measuring data will be sent over Ethernet in real time. Innovative beam forming optics allow accurate object profiling and high measurement accuracy. Internal compensation assures measurement results which are independent of target color, reflectivity and temperature. The scanners are able to scan moving objects by fast scan rates of up to 32/40 Hz (“Fast”- Mode) in high dynamic applications as well as scanning static objects with an accuracy up to 2 mm (average of 16 scans) for architectural applications. Due to an optional swiveling platform (LASE 3D Unit) even a 3D Profile can be represented. The LASE 2000D-22x Series is suitable for a huge variety of industries and applications such as:

  • Measurement of length, width, height, level and location of objects and environments
  • Positioning of objects
  • Container recognition/measurement in ports
  • Support of crane open-loop controls by goods detection and profile measurement
  • Profile and volume measurement
  • Object protection
  • Bulk measurement regarding shape and volume