LD-MRS400102 HD

Simultaneous measurement on 4 layers

The LD-MRS scans four scanning layers simultaneously. Combining the data from several scanning layers allows, for example, the pitching movements of vehicles or sloping lanes to be detected – the reliable detection of objects is thus always guaranteed. As a result of the 4-layer technology, measurements of the ground can also be differentiated from measurement on objects. The result is a reliable and trouble-free use of the LD-MRS.

SICK LD-MRS 4 layer Technology

Excellent outdoor capabilities with multipulse technology

SICK- LDMRS Muti Pulse Technology

SICK LD-MRS Dimensiomns

SICK-LD-MRS Dimesional Drawing

Compact and lightweight design. Volume is less than 1 liter, weight is approximately 1 kg

  • Wide temperature range with low power consumption: -40 °C to +70 °C at 8 W
  • Operation possible even with supply voltages from 9 V DC
  • 4-layer laser scanner technology provides reliable, trouble-free detection of objects, even on a slope
  • Easy sensor integration due to compact design
  • Lower power consumption reduces costs
  • Real-time output of measurement data
  • IP 69K-rated housing provides accurate measurements in all weather conditions

SICK LD-MRS Applications:

Guiding ships
Entering locks and docking in ports are amongst the most difficult manoeuvres in shipping. The LD-MRS provides valuable assistance by reliably monitoring the area in front of the ship. The high-resolution distance measurements provide a precise representation of the locks, and simplify handling in tight spaces. When mounted laterally on the ship’s side, the LD-MRS allows accurate determination of the distance between the ship and its quay, permitting safe and efficient docking.

Automation in agriculture
Automation tasks in agriculture pose special challenges for sensor technologies due to extreme weather conditions, such as rain, as well as dust. The LD-MRS HD also masters these demands – thanks to its multipulse technology. Thanks to the 4-layer technology, it is also particularly suitable for use on structured ground surfaces. These two technologies increase detection reliability and thus makes the LD-MRS HD especially suitable for use in fields.

Application in mining
Drivers of large and complicated machines often have trouble detecting obstacles in the direct vicinity of their vehicles during very dusty work in mines. The increased risk of accidents caused by large rocks, potholes, projections, etc. makes an anti-collision system that can also operate reliably despite poor light, weather and visibility conditions indispensable. With the LD-MRS HD laser scanner, the driver is provided with precise information and, above all, given early warning of obstacles.