Leuze ROD4-30

Leuze ROD4-30 - Laser scanner:


Measurement Range: 0 ... 65,000 mm (65m)

FOV:  190 °

Scanning rate: 25scan/sec

Repeatability: 15mm

Measurement value resolution 5mm






Application Contour measurement, 3D object detection


Light source laser, infrared
Laser safety class 1, EN 60825
MEASUREMENT DATA Measurement range 0 ... 65.000 mm
Detection angle 190 °
Scanning rate 25 scans/s
Repeatability 15 mm
Measurement value resolution 5 mm
TIMING Response time 40 ms
Electrical equipment Supply voltage 24 V, DC, -30 ... 20%
Number of digital switching outputs 4 Piece(s)
Switching element Transistor, PNP
Switching element Transistor, PNP
Switching element Transistor, PNP
Interface Type Ethernet, RS 232, RS 422
Connection Number of connections 2 Piece(s)
Connection 1 Type of connection Sub-D
Function Signal OUT, Signal IN, Voltage supply
Model Male
No. of pins 15 Piece(s)
Connection 2 Type of connection Sub-D
Function Configuration interface
Thread size M12
Model Female
No. of pins 9 Piece(s)
Mechanical Data Dimension 140 mm x 148 mm x 135 mm
Housing material Metal, Diecast aluminum, plastic
Lens cover material plastic
Net weight 2.000 g
Environmental Data Ambient temperature, operation 0 ... 50 °C
Certifications Protection class IP 65
Safety class III
Certifications CE, CDRH, c UL US
Standards applied IEC 60947-5-2
Special Design Special design Warning output




RiS-Leuze Electronic-1728