LMS511-11100 Lite

SICK outdoor laser scanner (LIDAR) LMS511-11100 lite is the LIDAR of choice for:

  • Automatic freight measurement
    •  To check whether the freight is correctly seated on the pallet and that no boxes are protruding. If a pallet is not precisely loaded, transport must be stopped. The LMS produces a light curtain on both sides and above. Freight that does not touch the light curtain is transported onwards. As soon as part of the freight protrudes into the light curtain, the pallet is stopped.
  • Crash-free container handling
    • LMS laser measurement systems are used in many container terminals for collision avoidance. Such a system comprises of at least one laser scanner with integrated configuration and monitoring software as well as, as an option, the LMI evaluation module (stands for: laser measurement interface) for extended area monitoring. The scanner is designed for outdoor monitoring tasks with its enclosure rating of IP 67 and integrated heating. The monitored areas, e.g. the path of a container crane, the working area for a crane boom, or the nominal position for a container can be individually adjusted in software to suit any task and can be modified as required. In addition, the scanner provides a scanning angle of up to 180° and a scanning range of up to 80 m. If an object is detected when a collision avoidance system is used, a warning signal is output and the movement that will lead to the collision is stopped.
  • Detection of container dimensions
    • For detecting the container dimensions LMS511 Outdoor laser measurement systems are used. The device emits a fan-shaped laser beam and measures the time until the remissions from the container are received. While the LMS measures the surface, the x-ray system looks through the container wall and detects the load inside.
  • Collision protection in the working area of a crane jib on ship-to-shore cranes
    • The LMS511 Outdoor laser measurement system is mounted on the horizontal crane jib. It has a warning field and a stop field. If the crane is close to the bridge, the LMS first issues a command to slow down the crane using the warning field, if the crane becomes dangerously close, a signal is sent to the controller using the stop signal and the crane stopped.
  • Positioning of a truck under a ship-to-shore crane
    • One fixed LMS511 OUTDOOR per truck lane detects a longitudinal section of the truck, and a further fixed LMS511 OUTDOOR, which covers all the lanes and detects the incoming trucks, generates a positional image of the container.
      Depending on the position of the container and truck, a signal is provided for the truck driver showing whether he or she needs to correct the positioning of the truck backwards or forwards. The trolley of the ship-to-shore crane then hoists the container and transports it onto the ship.
  • Size differentiation for vehicles
  • Log measurement
  • Track and tunnel measurement - precise and economical thanks to lasers
  • Truck classification in Multi-Lane-Free-Flow ETC system
  • Detecting the loading of wood transporters
  • Detection of obstacles on tracks in underground stations
  • Determination of vehicle contours for determination of washing process in a mobile decontamination system
  • Contour detection for trains in an automatic washing system
  • Monitoring of sideways belt drift and steering of a tripper car along stationary conveyor systems
  • Ingot measurement and determination of number on a magnet crane
  • Detection of refuse volume and distribution in a refuse incinerator with LMS511
  • Detection of ships and lock control on the Panama Canal
  • Classification of vehicles in tunnels
  • Collision protection on an AGV in a container port
  • Collision protection in a container port
  • Traffic data acquisition with 2D laser scanner
  • Camera tracking for building security
  • Monitoring of open areas
  • Route monitoring for an unmanned rail vehicle
  • Route monitoring for an automated guided lorry
  • Detection of people and objects in gated railroad crossing areas    
  • Collision prevention at ship-to-shore cranes    
  • Powerful and efficient laser measurement sensor for ranges of up to 80 m
  • Outstanding performance in adverse environmental conditions due to multi-echo technology
  • IP 67 enclosure rating, built-in heater, highly compact design
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast signal processing
  • Multiple I/Os
  • Synchronization of multiple sensors possible
  • Superior performance in a vast range of applications
  • Smallest sensor with highest accuracy in its class
  • Comprehensive range of lines and models to suit all performance and price requirements
  • Fast, reliable object detection in nearly any weather conditions
  • Low power consumption reduces total cost of ownership
  • Best price/performance ratio in this sensor class on the market
  • Fast, easy commissioning due to SOPAS software
  • Self-monitoring functions increase system availability



Field of application: Outdoor
Version: Mid Range
Variant: Lite
Resolution power: Standard Resolution
Light source: Infrared (905 nm)
Laser class: 1 (IEC 60825-1 (2007-6)), eye-safe
Field of view: 190 °
Scanning frequency: 25 Hz / 35 Hz / 50 Hz / 75 Hz
Angular resolution: 0.25 °
0.5 °
1 °
Heating: Yes
Operating range: 0 m ... 80 m
Max. range with 10 % reflectivity: 40 m
Spot size: 11.9 mrad
Amount of evaluated echoes: 2
Fog correction: Yes

Response time: ≥ 13 ms
Detectable object shape: Almost any
Systematic error 1): ± 25 mm (1 m ... 10 m)
± 35 mm (10 m ... 20 m)
± 50 mm (20 m ... 30 m)
Statistical error 2): ± 14 mm (20 m ... 30 m)
± 6 mm (1 m ... 10 m)
± 8 mm (10 m ... 20 m)
Integrated application: Field evaluation
Number of field sets: 4 fields
Simultaneous processing cases: 4

1) 2) Typical value; actual value depends on environmental conditions. 


Serial (RS-232, RS-422):
Function (Serial (RS-232, RS-422)): Host
Data transmission rate (Serial (RS-232, RS-422)): 9.6 kBaud ... 500 kBaud
Function (Ethernet): Host
Data transmission rate (Ethernet): 10/100 Mbit
Protocol (Ethernet): TCP/IP, OPC
CAN bus: -
DeviceNet: -
Function (USB): AUX
Data transmission rate (USB): 9.6 kBaud ... 500 kBaud
Switching inputs: 2
Switching outputs: 3
Optical indicators: 5 LEDs (additional 7-segment display)
Remark (USB): Mini-USB


Electrical connection: 4 M12 circular plug-in connector
Operating voltage: 24 V DC
Power consumption: 22 W, + 55 W heating (typical)
Housing color: Gray (RAL 7032)
Enclosure rating: IP 67 (EN 60529, Section 14.2.7)
Protection class: III (EN 60529, Section 14.2.7)
Weight: 3.7 kg
Dimensions: 160 mm x 155 mm x 185 mm


Ambient data
Object remission: 2 % ... > 1,000 % (reflectors)
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): EN 61000-6-2:2005 / EN 61000-6-3 (2001-10)
Vibration resistance: EN 60068-2-6 (1995-04)
Shock resistance: EN 60068-2-27 (1993-03) / EN 60068-2-29 (1993-04)
Ambient operating temperature: -30 °C ... 50 °C
Storage temperature: -30 °C ... 70 °C
Ambient light safety: 70,000 lx


General notes
Note on use: Not suitable for personnel protection