SICK NAV3xx is the 3rd generation laser scanning navigation sensor which combines measurement navigation and position detection.  The high computing power as well as individual configuration of automated guided vehicles allow for outstanding performance even without reflectors mask.

The combination of spatial contour and reflector measurement features enables SICK NAV350 to be used for applications that have not previously been possible.  The presence of multiple features in one device ensures savings not only financialy, but also saves time as you have to configure only one device.  The time savings also comes from very high computing power, this helps the Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) to position quickly and accurately.

The range of 70 m is well suited for integrating SICK NAV350 with automated guided vehicles working in vast transport and logistics industry.


Sick NAV350-3232

The complex position detection is performed using reflectors.  This helps to adapt the control according to the vehicle requirements.  The SICK NAV350 provides relative reflector data to the vehicle computer which then calculates the current position.

SICK NAC350-3232

SICK NAV350 can process contour and reflector data with high speed and precision.  This enables guided track controlled vehicle to move in areas in which it is not possible to install reflector marks.

With the help of contour based navigation, new application, such as fully automatic loading and unloading of trucks, have become possible for the first time.


Model Name    NAV350-3232
Part No.    1052928

    Field of application:    Indoor    
    Version:    Mid Range    
    Light source:    905 nm    
    Laser class:    1, eye-safe    
    Field of view:    360 °    
    Scanning frequency:    8 Hz    
    Angular resolution:    0.1 °    
    Operating range:    0.5 m ... 250 m (70 m on reflectors)    
    Max. range with 10 % reflectivity:    35 m    

    Detectable object shape:    Almost any    
    Systematic error:    ± 15 mm (Contour)    
    Statistical error:    ± 15 mm (Contour)    
    Integrated application:    Navigation    
    Reflector memory:    12,000    
    Positioning accuracy:    ± 4 mm    

    Serial (RS-232):        
    Data transmission rate (Ethernet):    100 Mbit/s    
    Protocol (Ethernet):    TCP/IP    
    CAN bus:    -    
    PROFIBUS:    -    
    PROFINET:    -    
    DeviceNet:    -    
    Optical indicators:    4 LEDs (status displays)    

    Electrical connection:    1 M12 4-pin plug-in connector    
    Operating voltage:    ≥ 24 V DC± 15 %    
    Power consumption:    36 W    
    Housing:    Die-cast aluminum    
    Housing color:    light blue (RAL 5012)    
    Enclosure rating:    IP 54    
    Protection class:    III    
    Weight:    2.4 kg    
    Dimensions:    115 mm x 120.5 mm x 222 mm    

Ambient data
    Ambient operating temperature:    0 °C ... 50 °C    
    Storage temperature:     -20 °C ... 80 °C    
    Permissible relative humidity:    85 %, non-condensing    
    Reflector marks: