Pololu 42x19mm Wheel and Encoder Set

This set includes a pair of 42_19mm wheels, a pair of extended brackets, and two matching encoders. Just pick a pair of micro metal gearmotors to complete your feedback-enabled drive system.

This set is intended for those looking to create a differential-drive robot with dual quadrature encoders. Just add two micro metal gearmotors of your choosing (sold separately), a mounting platform such as a RRC04A 5" robot chassis, and a robot controller such as an Orangutan SVP-324 (which features inputs for two quadrature encoders) to create a robot capable of closed-loop speed and position control.

This set consists of:

    A pair of Pololu wheel 42×19mm
    A pair of Pololu micro metal gearmotor bracket extended
    Two encoders for Pololu wheel 42×19mm
    Four #2 mounting screws and nuts

Note: This set is designed to work with our 5:1 to 298:1 micro metal gearmotors. Motors are not included and must be purchased separately. This encoder will not work with the 1000:1 gear ratio version of our micro metal gearmotors due to the longer gearbox.

For a larger motor with a higher-resolution, integrated quadrature encoder, see our 37D mm metal gearmotor with 64 CPR encoder.