Pololu Qik 2s12v10 Dual Serial Motor Controller

This powerful motor controller allows variable speed and direction control of two large, brushed DC motors using a simple serial interface and provides several advanced features, such as motor acceleration control and configurable current limiting.

Automatic baud detection up to 115.2 kbps and inputs for both RS-232 and TTL serial make it easy to add motors to your microcontroller- or computer-based project.

The operating voltage range is 6 to 16 V; the continuous current per channel is up to 13 A (30 A peak).

More detail can be found here: Pololu



Size:     1.86" x 2.15" x 0.28"1
Weight:     14 g1

General specifications

Motor driver:     VNH2SP30 x2
Motor channels:     2
Control interface:     non-inverted TTL serial (2-way); RS-232 serial (1-way)2
Minimum operating voltage:     6 V
Maximum operating voltage:     16 V
Continuous output current per channel:     13 A
Peak output current per channel:     30 A
Current sense:     0.13 V/A
Maximum PWM frequency:     19.7 kHz3
Minimum logic voltage:     2.7 V
Maximum logic voltage:     5.5 V
Reverse voltage protection?:     Y


1    Without included hardware.
2    Autodetects baud rates between 1200 and 115,200 bps, or can be set for a fixed baud at 115.2, 38.4, or 9.6 kbps baud rate.
3    Can also be configured to use 9.8 kHz, 2.5 kHz, 1.2 kHz, 310 Hz, or 150 Hz PWM frequencies.

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