Power HD High-Torque Digital Servo HD-9150MG

The HD-9150MG digital servo from Power HD delivers extra-high torque and features digital control electronics for increased performance. The output shaft is supported by two ball bearings, and the entire gear train is metal for increased durability. Servo horns and associated hardware are included. Key specs at 6 V: 0.18 sec/60°, 220 oz-in (16 kg-cm), 61 g.

The HD-9150MG is a great high-quality, standard-size servo that features digital electronics for improved performance and all metal gears with two ball bearings for the delivery of a tremendous amount of torque. The lead is terminated with a standard “JR”-style connector, which is Futaba-compatible. The pictures below show the servo’s gear train and an example of the hardware that might be included with this servo (hardware might vary).
 Note that, as with most hobby servos, stalling or back-driving this servo can strip its gears.

Power HD High-Torque Digital Servo HD-9150MG Specifications


Size:     40.7 x 20 x 42.4 mm
Weight:     61 g

General specifications

Digital?:     Y
Speed @ 6V:     0.18 sec/60°
Stall torque @ 6V:     16 kg·cm
Speed @ 4.8V:     0.20 sec/60°
Stall torque @ 4.8V:     13 kg·cm
Lead length:     11.5 in
Hardware included?:     Y