Power HD Mini Digital Servo HD-1810MG

The HD-1810MG digital servo from Power HD is a miniature servo with digital control electronics for increased performance. The output shaft is supported by a ball bearing, and the gear train and part of the case are metal for increased durability. Servo horns and associated hardware are included. Key specs at 6 V: 0.13 sec/60°, 54 oz-in (3.9 kg-cm), 16 g.

The HD-1810MG is a great, high-performance actuator for small mechanisms. Digital electronics coupled with mostly metal gears and a ball bearing give this servo a distinct edge over similarly sized servos. The lead is terminated with a standard “JR”-style connector, which is Futaba-compatible. The pictures below show the metal gear train and an example of the hardware that might be included with this servo (hardware might vary).


Power HD Mini Digital Servo HD-1810MG Specifications


Size:     22.8 x 12 x 29.4 mm
Weight:     16 g

General specifications

Digital?:     Y
Free-run current @ 6V:     240 mA
Stall current @ 6V:     1400 mA
Speed @ 6V:     0.13 sec/60°
Stall torque @ 6V:     3.9 kg·cm
Speed @ 4.8V:     0.16 sec/60°
Stall torque @ 4.8V:     3.1 kg·cm
Lead length:     10 in
Hardware included?:     Y