Quadcopter F100

The UAS quadcopter F100 is based on the bassis of modularity.  Quadcopter can on board equipment can be reconfigured to meet different needs. F100 is built with a vibration proof casing.


  • Quadcopter F100 can be equipped with a

  • professional on-board equipment,

  • on-board super low illumination,

  • black and white camera,

  • an onboard infrared camera for night shooting,

  • board professional camera with 16 million pixels and airborne professional 3D- camera with uniaxial holder, with the possibility rotation 0-105 degrees up and down.


Some of the main features of the Quadcopter F100 include:

  • Automatic control system

  • Navigation satellite system using Wireless 3G

  • Remote transmission of images

  • Independent research and development AEE: 900M Radio modem

  • Independent research and development AEE: 0.3 ~ 66Hz video transmitter

  • Weight with battery is 6 kg. Quadcoptera design made ​​of high molecular integrated ultra high-strength carbon fiber composite. Glider and holder that is fully made ​​of ultra high molecular high-strength carbon fiber composite materials boast a high strength and light quality.

  • Thanks vysokoemkostnyh battery, the flight lasts longer.

  • Professional avionics

Professional avionics:

  • 1080P/30fps, 1080i/60fps. Equipped with 16M pixel professional camera, aerial 3D camera. F100 kradrokopter a uniaxial holder rotatably 0-105 degrees up and down.

  • Range of remote control: 2KM/5KM/10KM.

  • Maximum capacity windproof: Level 6.

  • Maximum cruising speed: 100 km/h.

  • IP67 casing: Can fly during moderate rain, and moderate snow.

  • Flight Duration 40 minutes.

  • The function of the black box recording flight parameters, record the flight path , altitude, power and other information.

  • Power Management: Protection against low voltage.

  • Location provided accurate GPS setting, altitude and orientation lock.

  • Integrated into Quadcopter system operations (technology radio system and gyroscope).

Following are the professional uses of the F100 Quadcopter:

  • The media sector: shooting video, film, advertising, events, sports events , demonstrations and other events;

  • Power sector: Spot the junction / spikes communications towers, gas pipelines (ground segment ), the control source ( heat chamber), a survey covering the roof / shelter tall buildings, dams, agriculture, etc.;

  • Research Sector: study hard to reach areas of natural and artificial objects , environment , shooting land topography, etc.; Industrial sector: a review , supervision of construction sites, aerovideo - shooting, monitoring the state of any object accessibility etc.;

  • Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence: getting video / pictures from remote sites disasters (earthquake, flood, fire) in rescue operations, surveillance of any object from the air ( Trasnport or person ), the situation on the roads, security features border supervisory function, customs inspection, etc.;

  • Commercial usage: any aero-video/fotos 'emka any of the events, objects, landscapes, travel, etc.;

F100 Quadcopter has the feature of Target (people automobiles and buildings) Tracking.  THis quadcopter can be used by security forces operations such as anti terroism, anti riot, traffic monitoring, disaster releif & rescue.


F100 UAS contains the remote controller as well as the ground stations system

Y10 Remote Controller:


  • Radius of remote control: 2km (depends upon the operator ability) equipped with standard antenna

  • Built in SD card/Hard drive capacity:16G Micro SD card, up to 32G

  • Interface type: Mini USB interface *1, AV interface * 1, HDMI interface *1

  • Screen size 5" (sunlight readable)

Other functions include:

  • Manual flight mode

  • real-time display of flight status

  • real-time display of video

  • storage of real-time video

  • Airborne camera recording control

  • Airborne camera preferences setting

  • 7 status checking

  • Airborne camera holder preferences setting for recording control

  • head rotation

  • display of aircraft gesture

  • Coordinates, speed, angle, power level, touch screen, one click photography

  • one click landing

  • one click full automatic flying

  • special function key

  • universal key of holder control

  • course and tail control switch

  • Airborne camera

  • focus control

  • warning tone

  • low voltage warning of aircraft

  • low voltage warning of aoirborne camera

  • auto air route setting (airline operation based on coordinates) etc

D01 Ground Station System:


  • Radius of remote control: 10km equipped with high gain antenna

  • Built in SD card/ hard Drive Capacity 1TB (can be equiped with solid state disk)

  • Interface type: USB interface *2, AV output * 1, RJ45 Ethernet port *1

  • Interface type HDMI video out put *1

  • Reversed function key: 6 reversed function keys with customized fucntion

  • Screen size 15" (sunlight readable)

Other functions of the quadcopter ground station:

  • Reversed function key

  • manual flight mode

  • real-time display of flight status

  • real time display of video

  • storage of realtime video

  • airborne camera recording control

  • airborne camera preference setting

  • 7 status checking

  • Airborne camera holder preferences setting for recording control

  • head rotation display of aircraft gesture

  • Coordinate, speed, angle , power level, touch screen, one click photography; one click auto hover; one click return; one click auto take off

  • Operation based on coordinate or map

  • one click auto landing, one click full automatic flying

  • special function key

  • universal key for holder controll

  • course and tail controll switch

  • Airborne camera; focus control; warning tone; low voltage warning of aircraft

  • low voltage warning of airborne camera

  • Auto air route setting (operation based on coordinate or map)

  • playback of saved video

  • time setting auto take off control

  • auto landing control

  • 3D orientation of map

  • 2D orientation of map

  • flieght setting

  • flight destination setting

Night Vision Capability

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Remote HD License Plate Recognition - 20X HD Digital Zooming Camera




Transfer Video


Transfer Audio


WI-FI support


Range of remote control

to 10km


16MP Full HD 1080P/60fps

HD wide angle


3D camera


Duration of flight

40 minutes

Cruising Altitude

1500 meters

Flight speed


SD-card slot


Protection from wind

Class 6 (up to 20m/s)



Automated video surveilance




Weight of the machine








See video
Quadcopter F100 Flight Video