Quadcopter Toruk AP10

Aircraft System AEE AP10:

  • Effective dynamic design allows air to hold up to 25 minutes

  • Can be used even in low wind gusts

  • Altitude of 500 meters (4000m above sea level)

  • The maximum flight speed of 25 m/s

  • Stability of flight: the angle of roll / pitch angle / course angle can be controlled within +/-1

  • Intelligent Control

  • There is cruise control

  • Support for high-definition video, 1080P/60fps, 1080P/30fps/, 720P/60fps 16M pixels

  • Support for transmission over short distances (500 meters) Audio and Video

  • Support for Wi-Fi

  • External protection of mechanical parts management

  • Removable battery design, the ability to use batteries of different capacities

  • Built-in memory card slot, maximum support 64GB

  • High resistance to vibration, radiation, due to the special materials and technologies

  • Its exterior design and smooth contours have been tested in a wind tunnel

  • Maximum range of 500 meters remote control

  • Having multiple configurations for civilian activities

  • Automatic return kvardrokoptera in loss of control over it

  • Wide-angle HD camera with a viewing angle of 120º

  • Battery 5300mAh

  • Four 10 inch rotor lopostyamy, the distance between the rotor is 450mm

Aerial views from Quadcopter Toruk AP10

Toruk AP10 is equiped wirth mini camera to shoot up to 1080p60ips and take picture with 16 MP.  With this resolution you can take stunning aerial pictures and video recordings



Outstanding and stable quadcopter flight

The drone Toruk has high speed flight and can acheive high altitudes.  With a larger propeller, diameter of 25.4cm and longer life 5300mAh battery, it can continue its flights at 25m/s at a height of 300m maximum.


Remote Control

Toruk quadcopter can be controlled by a remote control or via a wifi from smartphone / tablet (android or iphone).

In case of loss of control or disconnection from the remote control, the UAV is equipped with autonomous flight to the starting point and land safely


High Battery Autonomy

Fitted with 11.1V battery, the UAV is capable of flights of 25 minutes.  When the battery reaches the end of life, a bright warning occurs and emergency landing is triggered automatically




Transfer Video


Transfer Audio


WI-FI support


Range of remote control



16MP Full HD 1080P/60fps, 1080P/30fps, 720P/60fps

HD wide angle


3D camera


Duration of flight

25 minutes

Cruising Altitude

4000 meters

Flight speed


SD-card slot


Protection from wind

Class 4


Auto return to home

Black Box


Automated video surveilance



5300mAh, 11.1 V 3S Height Capacity

Weight of the machine








See video
TORUK AP10 quadcopter introduction