Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack: 3.6 V, 150 mAh, 3x1 1/3-AAA cells

This is a rechargeable 3.6 V NiMH battery pack with a capacity of 150 mAh. The pack contains three cells in a single row.


This battery pack comes with 3" leads terminated by keyed, JST XH-style 2.5mm-pitch (0.1") two-pin female connectors as shown to the right. These match our 2-pin shrouded male connectors, which come in three varieties: straight, right angle, and right angle extended. These disconnectable crimp-style connectors snap together securely. The battery pack connectors can also plug directly into standard 0.1" male header pins.

Note: The battery voltages listed in the product descriptions are based on the 1.2 V nominal voltage of the NiMH cells from which the packs are made. The actual voltage will depend on how charged the batteries are. A fully charged NiMH cell will deliver almost 1.5 V, so, for example, a “6V”, 5-cell pack can measure over 7 volts after being charged, and it can fall well below 5 volts when the pack is drained. You will need to charge these battery packs before you first use them.

Size:     31 x 11 x 17 mm
Weight:     0.45 oz

General specifications
Voltage:     3.6 V
Capacity:     150 mAh
Cells:     3
Cell type:     1/3-AAA