Renegade Wi-Fi Robot Controller

Wi-Fi robot controller Renegade is an universal wi-fi robot controller with 32 fully custom configurable I/O channels. 

These can be set up and used as general purpose input/outputs, RC servo motor control, ADC inputs or decode quadrature encoders. And at the same time, control 2 high current DC motors!

Ease of use and setup. 

Directly connect to it over WiFi or through local network; send control commands (UDP) from your phone, laptop or any other wifi enabled device. You could use a host of different programming platforms including but not limited to C, C++, C#, PYTHON, MATLAB, etc. to send and receive messages to and from Renegade.

THis wi-fi controller board was designed around the power of the new dsPIC line to give unprecedented processing power and application flexibility. 

Connect 32 servos and 2 DC motors. 

wi-fi robot controller example of Uses

 Scalp massager? 

Articulated octopus hat?

Possibilities are endless!

Renegade Wi-Fi Robot Controller Specifications

Based on the high performance dsPIC33E microcontroller
Wifi Enabled (AdHoc or Infrastructure)
Control Upto 32 RC Servo Motors
2 DC Motor Control with Current and Temperature Monitoring
32 General Purpose I/Os
8 ADC Inputs with 10 Bit Resolution
2 Quadrature Encoder Inputs
Supply Voltage Status Monitoring

  Min Max
Supply Voltage (main board)  8 V DC   18 V DC
Input Current (main board) 350 mA    650 mA
Output Motor Voltage 8 V DC    18 V DC
Output Motor Current (per Channel)   60 A*
Motor PWM Frequency   4KHz
Input Voltage on GPIO 0 V DC    3.35 V DC
Input Voltage ADC Channels 0 V DC    3.35 V DC

*Depends on the H Bridge Board.

Physical Characteristics:



RiS-Fedora Labs-1625



See video
See video