Renegade Wi-Fi Robot Controller

Wi-Fi robot controller Renegade is an universal wi-fi robot controller with 32 fully custom configurable I/O channels. 

These can be set up and used as general purpose input/outputs, RC servo motor control, ADC inputs or decode quadrature encoders. And at the same time, control 2 high current DC motors!

Ease of use and setup. 

Directly connect to it over WiFi or through local network; send control commands (UDP) from your phone, laptop or any other wifi enabled device. You could use a host of different programming platforms including but not limited to C, C++, C#, PYTHON, MATLAB, etc. to send and receive messages to and from Renegade.

THis wi-fi controller board was designed around the power of the new dsPIC line to give unprecedented processing power and application flexibility. 

Connect 32 servos and 2 DC motors. 

wi-fi robot controller example of Uses

 Scalp massager? 

Articulated octopus hat?

Possibilities are endless!


Based on the high performance dsPIC33E microcontroller
Wifi Enabled (AdHoc or Infrastructure)
Control Upto 32 RC Servo Motors
2 DC Motor Control with Current and Temperature Monitoring
32 General Purpose I/Os
8 ADC Inputs with 10 Bit Resolution
2 Quadrature Encoder Inputs
Supply Voltage Status Monitoring

  Min Max
Supply Voltage (main board)  8 V DC   18 V DC
Input Current (main board) 350 mA    650 mA
Output Motor Voltage 8 V DC    18 V DC
Output Motor Current (per Channel)   60 A*
Motor PWM Frequency   4KHz
Input Voltage on GPIO 0 V DC    3.35 V DC
Input Voltage ADC Channels 0 V DC    3.35 V DC

*Depends on the H Bridge Board.

Physical Characteristics:




RiS-Fedora Labs-1625



See video
See video