RiS-Gimbal-211 is a gyro-stabilized gimbal 
Its vision system includes a Full HD camera 
This gimbal can be mounted on any fixed-wing or VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. 
It combines light weight, high quality Sony camera and affordable price. Which makes it perfect choice for nearly any application.
Sony EV7520 camera series features Full HD resolution, 30x optical zoom, anti-fog, video enhancement and some other advanced features.
Powerful on-board video processing module allows to run such features as target tracking, motion detection, digital video stabilization and video over IP.
Day-view camera Full HD 30x optical zoom
Anti-vibration damping mount
Continuous Rotation 3600 (slip ring)
Weather sealed
Weight 1100 g
Width 160 mm
Height 266 mm
Scene lock
Digital video stabilization
Motion detection
Ethernet control
Target tracking
Оnboard recording
Encrypted Full HD real-time video 50 km