RiS Gimbal 212 is a multi sensor gyro-stabilized gimbal is designed to be used on UAVs and small manned aircrafts.

The gimbal comes with Full HD Sony block camera with

  • 30x optical zoom and
  • high quality IR camera.

It is IP67 and thus can be used in any weather conditions.

On-board image processing unit provides features as

  • target tracking,
  • coordinates lock and
  • video stabilization.

Anti-vibration damping system eliminates vibrations from the air frame, even while using 30x zoom your image stays clear and stable.



Full HD day-view camera with 30x optical zoom and high performance thermal camera with 35 mm or bigger lens.


On-board digital video processing module include some advance features such as target racking, scene tracking, digital video stabilization, movement detection and much more.


Our gimbals encode KLV metadata and compatible with STANAG.


  • Anti-vibration damping mount
  • Continuous rotation 3600 (slip ring)
  • Weather sealed
  • Scene lock
  • Digital video stabilization
  • Motion detection
  • Ethernet control
  • Target tracking



Product: RiS-Gimbal-212


Day view camera full HD 30x optical zoom
Thermal camera Flir Tau 2 or similar lens 
35 mm
160 mm
Height  266 mm
Encrypted Full HD real-time video 50 km