RiS Gimbal 301

Industrial grade 3-axis gyro-stabilized with Sony Full HD camera.
Gimbal designed to be operated for drones like DJI S1000, DJI Matrice 600 and similar.
Integrated Sony camera integrated into 301 gimbal provides excellent image quality.
Accurate gyro-stabilization with anti-vibration damping mount to reduce vibrations from the aerial vehicle.
Fully compatible with popular of the shelf products such as
  • DJI S1000 and Matrcie 600 multirotor platforms,
  • DJI Lightbridge series of video transmitters,
  • Amimon Connex Full HD video link.


Gimbals can be controlled by most remote controls via S.BUS. All this together allows easy integration and operation of the gimbal with DJI and DIY solutions.

This gimbal is perfect choice for inspections, search and rescue and other similar applications.