We offer consultation/custom development services for building autonomous robotics

Please call us or e-mail us for any related project and we can discuss how we can help you in your custom projects.


  1. Robotic systems engineering capabilities

    1. Proof of concept developments

    2. IC engine management

    3. Wireless connectivity

    4. Camera-based control systems

    5. Original research and development

    6. Proof of concept demonstrators

    7. System specification

    8. Requirements specification

    9. Model-based control software

    10. Implementation of Simulink

    11. Application software

    12. Operating systems

    13. Electronics hardware design

    14. Component sourcing

    15. Manufacturer selection

    16. Product validation

    17. Rapid prototyping

    18. Integration of sensors, actors and hardware to robotic platform

    19. Laser scanners   - IMUs   - GPS   - On-board PCs   - Radio controls   - Radio communication   - Ultrasonic measuring   - Laser measuring   - Cameras   - Stereo cameras   - Robotic Arms

  1. Software for autonomous behavior

   - Programming in ROS
   - Sensor fusion
   - Mapping & SLAM
   - Routing
   - Image processing


Our Team:


Waqas Zia

Business Development

and Sales

Usman Zia

Business Development

and Sales

Alwin Heerklotz

Innok Robotics

Autonomous Embedded

Software Systems Development

Alexander Boos

Innok Robotics

Autonomous Robotics

Design and Development

Sabrina Heerklotz

Innok Robotics

Autonomous Navigation Systems


Dominik Herwald

Innok Robotics

Power Electronics Systems