Summit XL

The SUMMIT XL has skid-steering kinematics based on 4 high power motorwheels. Each wheel integrates a hub brushless motor with gearbox and encoder.

The odometry is computed using four encoders and a high precision angular sensor mounted inside the chassis. The strong mechanical structure allows to carry much heavier loads than the standard Summit (its smaller brother). There are several suspension shocks possibilities.

They can also be mounted at several positions to modify the robot clearance.

The robot base can navigate autonomously or teleoperated by means of a PTZ camera  that transmits video in real time.

The common sensor options include a Hokuyo laser scanner and a range of RTK-DGPS kits. It also has internal (USB, RS232, GPIO and RJ45) and external connectivity (USB, 12 and 24VDC) to add custom components easily.

The control architecture is open-source and modular, based in ROS.


Research and education
Remote monitoring
Access to hazardous areas