Hokuyo Electric has launched a (LRF) "Safety Laser scan UAM-02LP-T301" laser range finder that complies with international safety standards. International sensors of the "IEC 61508" Type 3 and functional safety standards (standard to be applied to an apparatus for detecting a human body electrical outputs a control signal for their protection) "IEC 61496-3" Safety Standards "SIL2 (Safety Integrity Level: safety integrity level)" did correspond to the features. It is equipped with self-diagnostic function and backup function, as well as autonomous mobile robot, suitable for applications such as collision avoidance and automatic guided vehicles, such as life-support robots (AGV).

Detection area is equipped with a standard (10m year-on-year) 2 points 1 point warning area and protection area (2m maximum). Can be set to any area of ​​up to 16 dedicated application pattern and also used for detecting the presence and intrusion detection. Size, 99.8mm depth 97mm × 90mm × height width and weighs about 1kg.

  • the world's smallest
    • 97 × height 90 × depth 99.8mm width
    • ideal for low-floor type of AGV, compact body.
  • lighter
    • weight ·: 1.0kg
    • for easy handling mounting lightweight body.
  • Setting area
    • any area setting × 16 pattern (area 2 × 1 + protection warning area) is possible. Can also be automated delineation protection area in accordance with the background in auto setting.
  • with muting function
    • you can disable part of area protection by muting input.


  • detection characteristics of
  • protective area ·: 2m maximum
  • up to 10m Area: WARNING-
  • +100 mm: add-safety distance
  • (1M), (1.5M), more than 1.8% reflectance (2.0m) φ70mm φ50mm φ30mm: The minimum detectable width-
  • detection angle : one hundred and ninety °
  • 25 °: angular resolution-
  • 30ms: cycle scan
  • 16 patterns: pattern area
  • 270 ~ 510ms: ON → OFF:: 60 ~ 510ms ON → OFF response time,
  • light element (wavelength) infrared semiconductor laser ( 905nm)
  • Laser protection class: Class 1 IEC60825-1 (2008)
  • safety category category 3, PLd
Laser Measurement Technology:



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