This product has been discontinued.

Hokuyo Laser Ranger finder: UHG-08LX (sensor for intelligent robots)

  •     RobotsinSearch is offering the lowest price for Hokuyo UHG-08LX scanner.
  •     UHG-08LX has 2 times of detection range of previous model URG-04LX.
  •     UHG-08LX  is for service robots in terms of mapping and self-positioning.
  •     UHG-08LX  is  compact and powerful range finder for autonomous robots.
  •     UHG-08LX  has 8m and 270° scanning range
  •     0.36° angular resolution
  •     67msec/scan
  •     12V operating voltage
  •     Can be used on battery operated platforms
  •     Lowest price

Installation Instructions

  •     No part of the window should be covered as the scanner projects and receives through the same window.
  •     Anything less than a window of 28mm in height could result in interference.
  •     The window also should allow for 270 degree scanning if the entire range of the laser is being utilized.
  •     Each customer is responsible for writing their own software.
  •     A display viewer (VMON) is available from Hokuyo’s website.  The site can be accessed with the user ID and password included on the inspection sheet inside the laser box.
Laser Measurement Technology: