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UST-10LX is the new series of laser scanners from Hokuyo.  Here are some of the main features:

  • UST-10LX is light weight 130g.

  • field of view (FOV) is 270°

  • Scanning range is 10m

  • Scanning time is 25msec

  • Angular resolution is 0.25°

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UST-20LX Field of view:

Hokuyo UST Application:

  • Robot obstacle detection (serves as their eyes)

  • Due to light weigth can be installed on UAVs for obstacle detection

  • Can be used for people counting

  • Can be used as space touch panel

  • Can be used for new floor games for kids

  • Can be used for controling other equipment such as airconditioning or lighting depending on the number of people in an area.



UST-10LX/UST-20LX Specifications and Comparison


Light Source

Semiconductor laser λ = 905nm, laser safety class 1

Supply Voltage

(10% within 10 ~ 30V ripple operating voltage range) DC12V/24V

Power consumption 150mA or less, but (DC24V), and about 300mA need inrush current during start-up

Detection Range


Detection width

0.06 ~ 10m detection guaranteed value (white Kent paper)
0.06 ~ 4M (10% reflectance at the time)
maximum detection distance: 30m (output limit value)
0.06 ~ 20m detection guaranteed value (white Kent paper)
0.06 ~ 8M (10% reflectance at the time)
maximum detection distance: 60m (output limit value)



Measurement Resolution


Repeated Accuracy

sigma <30mm1
Scan time 25msec (motor rotational speed 2400rpm)

Scan Angle


Angular Resolution

 0.25º (360°/1440


Ethernet 100BASE-TX(Auto-negotiation)

Ambient Condition

(Temperature, Humidity)

-10ºC ~ +50ºC

Less than 85%RH (Without Dew, Frost)

Vibration Resistance

2 hours each 10 ~ 55Hz double amplitude 1.5mm XYZ direction
55 ~ 200 Hz 98m / s 2 1 hour each XYZ direction sweep 2 minutes

Impact Resistance

196m/s2 In each X, Y, Z axis 10 times.

Protective Structure

Optics: IP65

Insulation Resistance

10MΩ DC500V Megger


130g (excluding cable)

External Dimension


124mm×126mm×150mm (ecluding connector

1. Precision is the precision reference reflecting plate by the reference environment at the time of shipment by the (white Kent paper).

interface: Robot Cable 4 Pin

Color Funtion
Tea + VIN (DC12V/DC24V)
Blue -VIN
Orange Synchronous Output
Ash Output common negative
Blue IP reset input
Red input common plus

Ethernet cable

color Signal name
Blue TX +
White TX-
Orange RX+
Yellow RX-


Laser Measurement Technology:



RiS-Hokuyo -1811