A powerful 3D robot simulator, which features several versatile calculation modules (inverse kinematics, Physics/dynamics, collision detections, minimum distance calculations, path planning, etc.), a distributed control architecture (unlimited number of control scripts, threaded or non threaded), and several extension mechanisms (plug-ins, custom client application, etc.).  


V-REP offers a multitude of functionalities that can be easily integrated and combined through an exhaustive API and script functionality. V-REP comes in 5 different versions, with different licensing options for most versions. 

V-REP is the perfect tool for fast prototyping and verification, remote monitoring, fast algorithm development, robotics related education, and simulation of factory automation systems.
A V-REP plug-in was specifically developed to allow an intuitive, easy and realistic Khepera robot simulation. 
A new powerful mechanism was developed to allow easy access to V-REP API functions from external applications (e.g. robots): the remote API. It can be bound with Python, Java, Matlab and Urbi.
The software is available for PC, Mac and Linux platforms.
This powerful simulation software will be freely provided with every K-Team products for education. The Khepera III and the K-Junior have their model already created in V-rep for your own simulations.



RiS-K Team-1773


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Khepera 3 and gripper simulation
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Kilobot simulation