sensor and camera systems of vehicle, autonomous car, driverless vehicle


Robots in Search Inc. provides autonomous robotic platforms and a supplier of related payloads. We have offices in Australia (Sydney), Canada (Toronto) and USA (Washington).  Our team includes highly skilled engineering and business professionals and we have experience of providing some cutting edge projects in autonomous robotics. Our payload inventory includes some of the best brand names around the world and we specialize in sourcing the robotic perception technology namely LiDARs, RADARs and stereo vision payloads. 


Our mission is to facilitate robotics research and development and provide the best available solution in autonomous UGV and UAV robotics.

Meet the Team

Waqas Zia


Robotics | Creativity

Robotics engineer and worked in an advisory as well as project delivery roles.

Usman Zia


Technology | Innovation

Technologist at heart and spent most part of his career in IT consulting.

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