Smart Micro Altimeter RADAR

The Micro Radar Altimeter is the most advanced RADAR altimeter.

This technologically leading product is intended for standard UAVs, small UAVs (sUAV), micro UAVs (MAV), fixed and rotary winged aircraft, VTOL aircraft, terrain awareness and warning
systems (TAWS) and similar applications. Because of its high update rate it is also specifically suitable for wave height monitoring and terrain mapping.
It was derived from Smartmicro’s automotive radar designs, therefore is extremely robust
and has attractive cost.

Micro RADAR Alitimeter also comes in a lightwieght version

The light weight option is offered for weight optimized applications. This variant is particularly suited for integration into the customer’s enclosure. If weight is very crucial, the altimeter even can be operated without a radome of its own but inside the customer’s enclosure.

IP40 (antenna part IP 67)
Weight160 fully integrated (customer radome)
235 integrated (including radome)
Dimensions110 x 99 x 26 (without connector)mm
Housing Identification050A0x
Model NumberUMRR-0Ax70x-22070x-050A0x

UMRR-0Ax70x-22070x-05070x (standard version)

Altitude interval: 0.5 .. 500 m.
Accuracy: Typically 2% (high altitude) or 0.25 m (low altitude)
Maximum pitch and roll: ±20°.
Size: 110 x 99 x 29 mm.
Weight: 350g.
very robust and watertight.
RS485 or CAN data interface.