Hokuyo Laser Scanner UST-05LN

10-meter range,

12 / 24VDC,


+/-40mm 270o scan angle,

USB interface,

3 outputs (Obstacle detection type)

Hokuyo UST-10LN USD $1250

UST-05LN Specifications

Light SourceSemiconductor laser λ = 905nm, laser safety class 1
Supply Voltage(10% within 10 ~ 30V ripple operating voltage range) DC12V/24V
Power consumption150mA or less, but (DC24V), and about 300mA need inrush current during start-up
Detection Range and Detection width0.06 ~ 5m detection guaranteed value (white Kent paper)
0.06 ~ 2M (10% reflectance at the time)
Measurement Resolution andRepeated Accuracysigma <20mm1
Scan time25msec (motor rotational speed 2400rpm)
Scan Angle270º
Angular Resolution 0.5º
Ambient Condition(Temperature, Humidity)-10ºC ~ +50ºCLess than 85%RH (Without Dew, Frost)
Vibration Resistance2 hours each 10 ~ 55Hz double amplitude 1.5mm XYZ direction
55 ~ 200 Hz 98m / s 2 1 hour each XYZ direction sweep 2 minutes
Protective StructureOptics: IP65
Weight130g (excluding cable)
External Dimension(W×D×H)124mm×126mm×150mm (ecluding connector

1. Precision is the precision reference reflecting plate by the reference environment at the time of shipment by the (white Kent paper).