XSENs IMU MTi 100-series

MTi 100-series features viberation eleminating gyroscope from Xsens’. It is an industry leading and proven INS’s, AHRS’s, VRU’s and IMU’s based on
MEMS providing the alternative for optical gyroscopes.

XSENs IMU MTi100 2A8G4

  • 5g, 450 deg/s,
  • cased;
  • RS232,
  • USB;
  • MTi-100-2A8G4-DK
  • Price USD $2000

Industrial design

The anodized aluminum housing of the MTi series protects the internal components against damage. The housing is tested to meet IP 67, so it can withstand temporary immersion at a depth of 1m.

Versatile connectivity

Rugged 9-pins waterproof connectors for lasting integration in vibrating environments.

Smart mounting

The MTi series have special alignment studs for easy mounting and easy aligning.

MTi 10-seriesGyro bias stabilityRoll/PitchYawPosition / Velocity
Static | Dynamic 
MTi-10 IMU18º/hXXX
MTi-20 VRU18º/h0.2º | 0.5ºUnrefX
MTi-10 AHRS18º/h0.2º | 0.5º1.0 degX
MTi-100 IMU10º/hXXX
MTi-200 VRU10º/h0.2º | 0.3ºUnrefX
MTi-300 AHRS10º/h0.2º | 0.3º1.0 degX
MTi-G-700 GPS10º/h0.2º | 0.3º1.0 deg