Hokuyo Laser Scanner UXM-30LN-PW

30-meter range,



+/-50mm 190o scan angle,

USB interface,

3 outputs + Fault output (Obstacle detection type) 

** with 2-meter USB Cable (model UZ00023)

Price USD $4475


Light SourceLaser diode λ = 905nm Laser Class 1 (FDA)
Supply Voltage DC10 to 30V
Supply Current Regular current: DC10V(<600mA), DC12V(<600mA), DC24V(<250mA)Start-up current: DC10V(<2A), DC12V(<1.5A), DC24V(<0.75A)
Power Consumption Less than 6W (regular)
Detection RangeandDetection widthGuaranteed Range: 0.1 ~ 30m* ² , Max detectable distance: 100m (limitation of data output)Black(diffuse reflectance 10%), 500 mmx500mmMin. detectable width:65mm(5m),130mm(10m),400mm(30m)
AccuracyUnder 3,000lx : ±50mm (Black diffuse reflectance 10% at 10m, White Kent Sheet at 30m)Under 100,000lx : ±<100 mm ( Black diffuse reflectance 10% at 10m, White Kent Sheet: ±30mm
Measurement ResolutionandRepeated Accuracy1mm0.1 – 10m : σ <10mm, 10 – 30m : σ <30mm (White Kent Sheet) * ²Under 3,000lx : σ < 50mm (Black diffuse reflectance 10% at 10m, White Kent Sheet at 30m)Under 100,000lx : σ < 100mm (Black diffuse reflectance 10% at 10m, White Kent Sheet at 30m)
Scan Angle190º
Angular Resolution 0.25º (360°/1440
Scan Speed50msMotor speed : 1200rpm
InterfaceEthernet 100BASE-TX(Auto-negotiation)
Output2 output signal: Error output, Synchronous output
Start up timeIn 30 sec from power on (however it might be on 30 sec depending on the condition)
Indication lightPower(green),Operation/Error (Orange): Operating (ON), Error(blink)
LED DisplayGreen: Power supply.Red: Normal Operation (Continuous), Malfunction (Blink)
Ambient Condition(Temperature, Humidity)-10ºC ~ +50ºCLess than 85%RH (Without Dew, Frost)
Storage Temperature-25~75ºC
Environmental EffectMeasured distance will be shorter than the actual distance under rain, snow and directsunlight*².
Vibration Resistance10 ~ 55Hz Double amplitude 1.5mm in each X, Y, Z axis for 2hrs.55 ~ 200Hz 98m/s2 sweep of 2min in each X, Y, Z axis for 1hrs.
Impact Resistance196m/s2 In each X, Y, Z axis 10 times.
Protective StructureOptics: IP67 (Except Ethernet connector )
Insulation Resistance10MΩ DC500V Megger
CaseFront casing and Optical Window:PolycarbonateRear casing: Aluminium
External Dimension(W×D×H)124mm×126mm×150mm (ecluding connector

*¹ Under Standard Test Condition (Accuracy can not be guaranteed under direct sunlight.)

*² Indoor environment with less than 1000Lx.

Please perform necessary tests with the actual device in the working environment.

interface: Robot Cable 4 Pin

Brown+V (10 ~ 30V)
Blue-V (0V)
GreenSynchronous Output
YellowError signal
RedOutput signal + COM
BlackOutput signal – COM