Collision avoidance for trains and trams with the help of Long range SICK LD-MRS laser scanners

Long range SICK LD-LMRS or IBEO laser scanners with multi echo can help in context perception in front of the TRAM or train.  The laser scanner can detect the true nature of the RISK by combining the the contextual data given by a GPS with the object level information given by the laserscanner and generating or forcing the required action for example applying brakes or firing an alarm.

The object classification by the laserscanner can be done using Kalman filter by detecting the current position of the object and predicting where the object can be.  The profiling of the object is performed by the object outlines.  The object classification and context analysis helps in calculating the risk assessment and the system can be designed to take action accordingly.

The SICK LD-MRS laserscanner can scan an area of around 100° in front of the train or tram and also gives 3.2° vertical field of view through its multi-layer (up to four layers or 8 layers) technology. The laserscanner can detect objects up to 200m.  It has a distance resolution of 4cm and horizontal angular resolution of 0.125°.