How to interface with new Hokuyo UST series Laser scanners

How to interface with the UST series Hokuyo Laser Scanners (e-mail us at if more questions)

1.     Power the unit by connection the BROWN wire to +12V and the DARK BLUE wire to ground of a DC 12V (300mA or more is recommended) power supply.

2.     Leave other wires unconnected.

3.     The default IP address is Port number: 10940.

4.     URG Benri data viewing tool can be downloaded from the following link.


5.     Please refer to the SCIP 2.2 communication protocol of the UTM-30LX-EW.


2.     The Hokuyo UST-10LX and UST-20LX supports most of SCIP 2.2 commands for the UTM-30LX-EW

6.     If you have a program for the UTM-30LX-EW and the program uses only single-echo commands, the program can be used with the UST-10LX and UST-20LX with minimum or no changes.