3d Laser Scanner C2 System

The 3D Laser Scanning System C2 designated for the SICK LMS5xx series or the LASE-2000D-1xx series laser scanners and provides large measuring range, huge scan angle and high angular resolution. The LASE 3000D-C2-11x Series is suitable for a huge variety of industries and applications such as:


  • Measurement of dimensions, profiles or levels of objects and environments

  • Object positioning

  • Container recognition/measurement in ports

  • Object protection

  • Bulk material measurement at heaps, piles, bunkers or trucks

Features and Benefits:


  • Contactless long range 3D profile measurement

  • High accuracy, high resolution and fast measuring rate • Unique stable object detection

  • Range of up to 40 m on dark natural surfaces

  • Range of up to 80 m on natural surfaces

  • Scan area up to 190° x 180° (scan/swivel)

  • Interfaces: Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-232/RS-422, USB, CAN • Self-test incorporated

  • User friendly software

  • Simple installation

  • Rugged construction type to IP 64, 65 and 67

  • Outdoor applicable due to integrated heating

Laser Measurement Technology: