Hemisson is a programmable robot with a sepcific pupose of teaching the interaction of electronic components namely motor controllers, sensors, wheels, LEDs, buzzers and switches all controlled by an 8 bit microcontroller unit (MCU).

Hemisson programmable robot is not only useful for testing algorithms and autonomous robotic activity but also this small robot can be extened with customized payload which can be easily added via the  the Hemisson Extension Bus system.  For the extension bus several modules (sensors, articulation, IO) are available and all the technical details are available to design your own extension. With the Extension Bus system, the robot can be extended without limits...



Sensor and Articulation Modules


  • Gripper is equipped with 2 servo motors with metal gear, shoulder & gripper,
  • 2 degrees of freedom for manipulation and transportation of objects of 7cm width and 30gr load.
  • An additional battery (1350mAh) allows improving the autonomy of the Hemisson when used with the Gripper (up to 4h). The charger is on board.

B/W Linear Camera

Use this linear camera for advanced experiments with structured environment.

The camera reads one line of 102 pixels in 256 level of gray.

The optic block is a standard one (M12x0.5), which can be changed to fit to your specific needs. Like all Hemisson's smart modules,

equiped with onboard processor (PIC16F876). The controller is dedicated to visual data processing.

Like the Hemisson OS, the source code of the visual processing is released under LGPL license.

The code can be modified to write your own visual routine.

Use the Hemisson software tools (C Compiler, In-Circuit-Debug Interface and Hemisson Uploader) to download your own code on HemLinCam, you can

Ultrasonic Sensor

For advanced object detection equip the hemisson with Sonar sensor.

The sensor provides a much longer detection range than the default Hemisson infrared sensors.

Detect object with a maximum distance of 6 meters with a 1 centimeter resolution for measurements.

Wireless Color Camera

Use the Wireless Camera module to transmit video images on your TV set (Cinch connector).

You can then watch the robot's trip, and see whatever the robot is "looking at". The receiver can also be connected to a framegrabber on the PC to process images and remote control the robot autonomously. This module is compatible with the Hemisson Radio module.

IO Modules

General I/O

The General I/O allows to interface your own electronics.

Perfect tool to implement your own module.

A board area allows to add components (2.54mm/.1" spacing). The documentation explains how to access custom peripherals from the central processor (12 digital I/O, 5 analog 8-bit inputs and I2C bus).

LCD Display

LCD screen and keypad provides interface to build interactive control program with the robot without PC.

Display messages and manage small menus. The module include a 2 lines by 12 characters LCD display and 3 push buttons that can be linked to user defined functions in your Hemisson programs.

Radio Link

This module enables the wireless communication between the Hemisson robot and a PC at 115,200 bps. The link can reach up to 20 meters using the 2.4GHz band. Up to seven robots, equiped with radio modules, can communicate with the same computer at the same time. Direct communication between two robots is not possible but, messages can be transfered through the computer from one robot to another.

The Hemisson extension (HemRadio) can be paired with any BlueTooth enabled computer (Bluetooth USB dongle available below). With HemRadio, all serial port communication are transparently redirected to the wireless link. It is possible to overide this default mode using specific I2C commands.

Wireless communication with Hemisson is possible with any software thanks to the virtual serial port. Using this module, the robot can be controlled using Matlab, Visual Studio C/C++, Labview, or any other programming environment.

Program Modules

External Programmer Interface

This module is intended to reflash the memory of Hemisson using an external programmer. It is compatible with any DIL40 serial programmers for PIC16F877 like PicStart©.

In-Circuit-Debug Interface

Thanks to this RJ45 adapter, you will be able to connect to your In-Circuit Debugger from CCS and then, to reflash Hemisson memory and to debug your CCS C program step by step. The HemFlexExtProg module can be used to connect other external programmer to the robot.


In-Circuit-Debug PIC Programmer (ICD-U)

PIC programmer for Hemission. The In-Circuit-Debug Interface is required.



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  •  C Compiler
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