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SICK part No is 1047607.  LMS151 is the laser scanning range finder of choice for mobile robotics.  LMS151 is a  long distance measurement type series (at 75% reflectance) 50m maximum measuring length. SICK LMS151 is a high-performance laser scanner and despite its small size, it measures the distance even through dust and glass made possible by double pulse evaluation. SICK LMS151 Has the ability to measure distances of up to 18m in a matte black object with a wide angular range, you can output data in real-time Ethernet. It can simultaneously monitor up to 10 maximum field of any shape which = can be output to an external switching output 3. This specification can be used up to -30 ℃ outdoor temprature.  It is waterproof dustproof with IP67 casing and has a built-in heater.

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  • Real-time output of measurement data via Ethernet interface

  • Field evaluation using intelligent algorithms and programmable applications

  • Number of switching outputs can be expanded via external CAN modules

  • Parameter setting interface is accessible from the front while the device is mounted

  • Rugged IP 67-rated housing

  • Extended scanning range up to 50 m (with reflectors)

  • Lightweight housing makes it easy to mount

  • No wiring between sender and receiver

  • Advanced filtering technology rigorously reduces false trips caused by outdoor environmental factors like fog, rain and snow

  • Optional external CAN I/O module increases number of switching outputs for greater application flexibility

  • Fast, easy commissioning due to SOPAS software

SICK LMS151 Scanning Range:

SICK LMS151 scanning range

SICK LMS151 connectors:

SICK LMS151-10100 connectors

SICK LMS151 Principle of double pulse evaluation

SICK LMS151 double evaluation pulse


SICK LMS151 mounting kit 1a

SICK LMS151 mounting kit 1a


SICK LMS151 mounting kit 1b

SICK LMS151 mounting kit 1b


SICK LMS151 mounting 2 and 3

SICK LMS151 mounting 2 and 3

Following accessories can also be ordered from us:

SICK LMS1xx related accessories




Mounting Set 1a1

Bracket for mounting to wall or machine from the back


Mounting Set 1b1

Bracket for mounting to wall or machine from the back, with cover protection


Mounting Set 21)

Bracket, only in combination with bracket 1a or 1b, adjustment possible around transverse axis


Mounting Set 31)

Retention plate, only in combination with bracket 2, adjustment possible around longitudinal axis



Weather hood, 190°/270°



Standard mounting set for 190°/270° weather hood



Rapid-release mounting set for 190°/270° weather hood



Ethernet M12x4/RJ-45 connection cable for connection of LMS151 Ethernet interface to PC
Ethernet interface, 5 m/10 m/20 m



Supply cable for LMS151-10100, M12x5, 4 open wires, 5 m/10 m/20 m



I/O-cable for LMS151-10100, M12x8, 8 open wires, 5 m/10 m/20 m



RS 232 cable for LMS151-10100, M12x8, 8 open wires, 5 m/10 m/20 m



Connection cable M8x4/D-Sub 9-pin (DIN 41642) for connection of serial auxiliary interface
with the PC serial interface, 2 m/10 m



External CAN extension module for up to 8 additional outputs



Product: LMS151-10100

Model Name    LMS151-10100
Part No.    1047607

    Field of application:    Outdoor    
    Version:    Short Range    
    Light source:    Infrared (905 nm)    
    Laser class:    1 (IEC 60825-1 (2007-3))    
    Field of view:    270 °    
    Scanning frequency:    25 Hz / 50 Hz    
    Angular resolution:    0.25 °
0.5 °    
    Heating:    yes    
    Operating range:    0.5 m ... 50 m    
    Max. range with 10 % reflectivity:    18 m    
    Amount of evaluated echoes:    2    
    Fog correction:    yes    

    Response time:    ≥ 20 ms    
    Detectable object shape:    Almost any    
    Systematic error:    ± 30 mm    
    Statistical error:    ± 12 mm    
    Integrated application:    Field evaluation    
    Number of field sets:    10 fields    
    Simultaneous processing cases:    10    

    Serial (RS-232):        
    Function (Serial (RS-232)):    Host, AUX    
    Data transmission rate (Serial (RS-232)):     9.6 kBaud ... 115.2 kBaud    
    Function (Ethernet):    Host    
    Data transmission rate (Ethernet):    10/100 Mbit    
    Protocol (Ethernet):    TCP/IP, OPC    
    CAN bus:        
    Function (CAN bus):    Outputs extension    
    PROFIBUS:    -    
    PROFINET:    -    
    DeviceNet:    -    
    Switching inputs:    2    
    Switching outputs:    3    
    Optical indicators:    1 7-segment display (plus 5 LEDs showing device status, contamination warning and initial condition)    

    Electrical connection:    M12 circular plug-in connector    
    Operating voltage:    10.8 V DC ... 30 V DC    
    Power consumption:    60 W    
    Housing color:    gray (RAL 7032)    
    Enclosure rating:    IP 67 (EN 60529, Section 14.2.7)    
    Protection class:    III (EN 50178 (1997;10))    
    Weight:    1.1 kg, without connecting cables    
    Dimensions:    105 mm x 102 mm x 162 mm    

Ambient data
    Object remission:    2 % ... > 1,000 % (reflectors)    
    Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC):    EN 61000-6-2:2005 / EN 61000-6-4 (2007-01)    
    Vibration resistance:    EN 60068-2-6 (1995-04)    
    Shock resistance:    EN 60068-2-27 (1993-03)    
    Ambient operating temperature:    -30 °C ... 50 °C    
    Storage temperature:     -30 °C ... 70 °C    
    Ambient light safety:    40,000 lx    


Laser Measurement Technology:






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