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Hokuyo UST-05LN is the new series of laser scanners from Hokuyo.  Here are some of the main features:

  • UST-0LX is light weight 130g.

  • field of view (FOV) is 270°

  • Scanning range is 5m

  • Scanning time is 25msec

  • Angular resolution is 0.25°

Hokuyo  UST-05LN Field of view:

Hokuyo UST Applications:

  • Robot obstacle detection (serves as their eyes)

  • Due to light weigth can be installed on UAVs for obstacle detection

  • Can be used for people counting

  • Can be used as space touch panel

  • Can be used for new floor games for kids

  • Can be used for controling other equipment such as airconditioning or lighting depending on the number of people in an area.

Hokuyo UST-05LN

Specification of Product: 


UST-05LN Specifications


Light Source

Semiconductor laser λ = 905nm, laser safety class 1

Supply Voltage

(10% within 10 ~ 30V ripple operating voltage range) DC12V/24V

Power consumption 150mA or less, but (DC24V), and about 300mA need inrush current during start-up

Detection Range and Detection width

0.06 ~ 5m detection guaranteed value (white Kent paper)
0.06 ~ 2M (10% reflectance at the time)



Measurement Resolution and

Repeated Accuracy

sigma <20mm1
Scan time 25msec (motor rotational speed 2400rpm)

Scan Angle


Angular Resolution




Ambient Condition

(Temperature, Humidity)

-10ºC ~ +50ºC

Less than 85%RH (Without Dew, Frost)

Vibration Resistance

2 hours each 10 ~ 55Hz double amplitude 1.5mm XYZ direction
55 ~ 200 Hz 98m / s 2 1 hour each XYZ direction sweep 2 minutes

Protective Structure

Optics: IP65


130g (excluding cable)

External Dimension


124mm×126mm×150mm (ecluding connector

1. Precision is the precision reference reflecting plate by the reference environment at the time of shipment by the (white Kent paper).


How to interface with the UST series Hokuyo Laser Scanners

How to interface with the UST series Hokuyo Laser Scanners (Call us at 4165082574 if more questions)


1.     Power the unit by connection the BROWN wire to +12V and the DARK BLUE wire to ground of a DC 12V (300mA or more is recommended) power supply.


2.     Leave other wires unconnected.


3.     The default IP address is Port number: 10940.


4.     URG Benri data viewing tool can be downloaded from the following link.



5.     Please refer to the SCIP 2.2 communication protocol of the UTM-30LX-EW.


2.     The Hokuyo UST-10LX and UST-20LX supports most of SCIP 2.2 commands for the UTM-30LX-EW.


6.     If you have a program for the UTM-30LX-EW and the program uses only single-echo commands, the program can be used with the UST-10LX and UST-20LX with minimum or no changes.



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