SICK NAV3xx Application at History Colorado Center’s Time Machines

Following Problem was solved with the help of NAV3xx History Colorado Center:

  • There are two “Time Machines” that are large 4 wheeled (Casters) carts that the guests push around on a large map of Colorado. The map area is about 14 meters by 19 meters.
  • There will be about 12 locations on the map that when the Machine is pushed over them, the machine will activate and the guests can watch video programs about historical periods for that location. For example, if they push the machine over Denver, there might be 3 choices of videos.
  • To restrict the movement of the machines when they are pushed off of the map area. We are developing a braking wheel system that can be activated if the machine is out of bounds.

Nav200-1132 helped to calculate

  • The X-Y location information that we can program the AV system to respond when the machine reaches one of the 12 locations on the map
  • use X-Y information to determine If the machine is being pushed off the map.
  • Collison avoidance between the two machines was accomplished by having the X-Y information from each machine sent via RF to the other machine, the software helped create a virtual “Ring” around the machine causing it to stop if it approaches too close to the other.