Difference between Hokuyo UXM-30LAH-EWA and Hokuyo UXM-30LXH-EWA

Hokuyo UXM-30LXH-EWA doesn’t have digital I/O for area settings, it doesn’t have an output signal for PLC to control the autonomous vehicles. For the control of the autonomous vehicles digital I/O is required and for that Hokuyo UXM-30LAH-EWA is used
Area input and selection area set of the Hokuyo UXM-30LAH-EWA
Setting of three regions is possible in one area set, and respectively corresponds to output 1, output 2, and output 3. Selection of the area number is performed by means of the area inputs, IN 1 to 4. However, when all of the area inputs (IN 1 to 4) are ON (low level), the sensor switches to emission stop mode.
OFF: High level, ON: Low level
Response time of input: Time for 2 scans (100 ms)