Hokuyo UXM-30LXH-EWA vs SICK LMS151-10100

Comparison of Laser scanners SICK LMS151-10100 and Hokuyo UX-30LXH-EWA

 SICK LMS151-10100 Laser ScsannerHokuyo UXM-30LXH-EWA laser Scanner
 SICK LMS151-10100
Power supplyDC10.8-30VDC10-30V
Detection range50m (75% relection)18m (10% reflection black paper)80m (white paper)30m (10% relection black paper
Acuuracy(white paper, 100,000lx)±30mm±50mm (1-30m)
Detection angle270 degrees190 degrees
Angular resolution0.25/0.5 degrees0.125 degrees
Scan speed50hz/25Hz20Hz
Multi echo (for fog, rain & dust)Yes but not sure how manyUp to 4 echoes (distance and intensity)
Protection ratingIP67IP67
Size102.5x162x105 (mm)125.5x124x150(mm)