Smartmicro Automotive RADAR integration setup for autonomous features

TYPE 29 TYPE30 and TYPE31 Automotive RADARs

The Smart Micro Automotive RADARs can be integrated in the following way to acheive autonomous features

  • 2 systems – 1 in the front with the 3 x type 29 sensors and 1 system in the back with type 30/31 as shown in your picture.
  • Both system will work itself and each sensor outputs its own tracking results. In this case is no fusion available.
  • Each system controls itself and gets the dynamic data from the car.
  • Split the 2 systems to 2 CANs. So the bus load is ok. If there are more than 4 sensors on 1 CAN there are too many messages on CAN.
  • Normally the output data is shown on a notebook with DriveRecorder3 software. Please see the video (  The display accessory will be needed for a single sensor and to build up a standalone system without PC or control box. You will need 1 display per sensor because it is connected directly to the sensor by RS485. It is the easiest to setup a system with PC displaying.

Following additional accessories will also be needed for the above integration and please note a BUMPER is not required.

  1. 6x CABLE-000000 (only CAN if RS485 is not needed) – please check otherwise CABLE-000300

Following accessories are not required

  1. Cable stumps
  3. brackets