Difference Between UMRR-0A and UMRR-0C RADARs

The UMRR-0C has a scanning antenna with digital beam forming.

For UMRR-0A: The UMRR-0A has only 1 beam. The whole field of view is detectable at same time. If you have an single reflector in the field of view. So its radial distance and speed is detectable by waveform and the angle is calculated by the phase. If there are 2 object in same distance and same speed BUT different angle, it is not possible to separate them. 2 objects with same speed must have a radial minimum distance of about 2m to separate them. This is necessary to differ them in the frequency spectrum.

For UMRR-0C: The UMRR-0C has a lot of small segments in field of view. For each segment is the same valid like for the whole field of view of UMRR-0A.

UMRR-0A = standard technology