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This blog entry is little break from the high tech world of Autonomous robotics

Calculating attitude of a UUV(unmanned underwater vehicle) using AHRS

An AHRS gives 
  • linear acceleration a=(ax, ay, az),  
  • angular rate ω=(ωx, ωy, ωz) , and 
  • magnetic field m=(mx, my, mz)

XSENS MTi-G AHRS Roll Pitch Yaw accuracy

XSENS are commercially avai

Which specification to look for the right IMU/AHRS/INS selection

In fact, frequently, the lack of information on the reliability of the

Applications of XSENS AHRS systems

At Robots in Search we carry XSENS AHRS systems which include:

  • MTi 1-series

Gimbals CM100 and CM160

The delivery of the gimbals CM10

Collision avoidance for trains and trams with the help of Long range SICK LD-MRS laser scanners

Long range SICK LD-LMRS or IBEO laser scanners with multi echo can help in context perception in front of the TRAM

Stepper Motor for Robotic Applications

In robotics the stepper motors play a very important role.  Robotic projects

3DOF Orientation tracking Using XSens IMU AHRS or VRU

Xsens IMU AHRS or VRU can be used for detecting and tracking the 3DOF o

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